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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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unlike the entire Epsilon design, which looks very much like something projected by 20th century NASA.
Someone once posted pics of the opening days of the EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World, and the uniforms that were projected by NASA to be futuristic space station attire were incredibly similar to the uniform designs Robert Fletcher had come up with for TMP.
I believe TMP's scientific advisor "sold" the concept of TMP's uniforms on the premise that this is how NASA would dress for the future and I happen to LOVE their costumes. They really look great (unfortunately, they cannot hide, or contain cannonball guts, pouches of flab and so forth).

But NASA's fixation with STAR TREK has always disturbed me, very deeply. Not for any other reason except that NASA is REAL. This is space in all of its kind of "glory," if you will.

THE RIGHT STUFF to me ... that's what NASA should be like. Real people with real grit creating man's purpose in space. Somehow, it kind of morphed into this agency of TREK nerds, always trying to ape some STAR TREK design, even incorporating elements of STAR WARS. Like, I saw this one Boba Fett-looking robot one time. It just seems kind of sad, to me ...
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