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Re: Highlander II unused ideas

This is one of the fundamental differences between movies and TV shows. In a TV show, for a villain to have any kind of longevity they pretty much have to be clever. In a movie, (an action heavy one at least) a villain needs to be simple, at least in their motivation because you don't have anywhere near the amount of screen time with them. The audience needs to very quickly get what they're about, why they're pitted against the protagonist and why they're a threat.

Personally, I liked The Kurgan. He worked well in the film. Just the idea of this barbarian out of the bronze age tromping around in modern times, still acting like the broadsword wielding maniac that he is and yet still able to function in society...albeit in the seedier side, but still. Maybe it's just me, but I found it interesting. However, for a TV series, he'd have been pretty one-note and wouldn't have suited very well. At best he could have been someone talked about and felt more than seen before finally showing up and actually killing someone important before the protagonist takes his head too a season later.
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