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Premise: After the Dominion War and the destruction of Romulus, Starfleet has set its sights upon the Gama Quadrant; in order to continue their mission of peaceful exploration. Using the Wormhole and traveling ten light years to an unexplored part of the Quadrant, between the Alpha Q and Bajoran borders. They encountered a young Warp fairing civilization, called the Xoasians.

Once joining the United Federation of Planets, Starfleet discovered their unique talents for flying and feeling their way through space, making them valuable pilots for starships. Many joined as NCO's to explore the unknown along a crew of mixed races from through the UFP.

After the construction of Gama Station One, some Xoasians even joined up for academy courses that were being taught aboard.

Now in the year 2390, a retired, middle-aged, Captain is asked back into service. He is a man who has seen his fair share of battles, and left due to a haunted past. Filled with regret for what he became during and after the Dominion War. Not only brought accepting this mission for pure exploration of the unknown. But to hopefully rectify past mistakes and mend bridges of a kind...

Captain Charles Gibson is given command of the first ever newly built, advanced long-range, Deep Space Explorer ship; created to replace the Galaxy class. Unofficially called the Galaxy Mk II. Officially, the first in it's class, the USS Pioneer. NCC-971986.

He and his gallant crew made of some familiar, and some never before seen races. Will take the Pioneer out on it's maiden voyage into the uncharted regions of the Gama Quadrant.

It's mission: To seek out new life.. New civilizations.. and to Boldy Go Where No One Has...

Gone Before....

Author's Note(s): This is definitely a new adventure for me... actually attempting to write a ST fic isn't easy. I am more used to writing short episodes in a Japanese Superhero format. But I after doing that for so long I became bored and wanted to try something new. I have considered doing this before, but due to medical reasons I was prohibited from doing so.

Now is a good a time as any to get back into the swing of writing stories again. Though in a different format to what I'm used to. I am going to try and do these in a Novella kind of format. Each episode will have a prologue and so many chapters, I'm hoping for at least 6 chapters each... though it could end up being more. Just depends I guess, and I don't think any of you would mind more chapters to a story. I just hope some stories won't be too short. heh.

Still I hope you fellow Trek writers/ fans will enjoy these stories when they go up. Constructive critiquing is welcome, honestly I think I need it cause I'm a little rusty at this now... Especially since I've been working on scripts/ screenplays a lot more lately. Heh. But, I want to tell this story about this crew. It's also partly a Father-Son story and in that sense I hope you won't bash that aspect, with the Son being the First Officer aboard ship. I honestly haven't seen it done before, at least not in ST fanfiction. If it has, then well... guess this is my take/ spin/ what have you on it. I find the dynamic to be quite intriguing, and want to tell that particular story. Got some pretty fun ideas in mind for it too which I think you'll enjoy.

Whoa, this note is longer then I thought it would be. LOL

I cast the majority of the characters already, just for fun.

Mandy Patinkin as: "Capt. Charles Gibson." -CO.
Jensen Ackles as: "Lt. Cmdr. Ryan Gibson." -XO.
Chris Rock as: "Lt. Cmdr. James "Jim" Radcliffe." -Chief Engineer.
Devon Aoki as: "Lt. T'Lea." (Vulcan). -Science Officer.
Kate Beckinsale as: "Lt. Tara Renn" (Bajoran) -Tactical Officer/ Security Cheif.
Yvonne Strahovski as: "Dr. (Cmdr.) Susana Song." -Specialist/ 2nd Medical Officer.
Hugh Laurie as" Dr. Malbret Hainan." (El Aurian) -Primary Medical Officer.
Dwayne Johnson as: "Lt. Ba'lon." (Dalfian) -Ops Officer.
Maria Mitchell as: "Cadet Ki'llan Xobe." (Xoasian) -Helm.

Bella Thorne as: "Ensign Majel Lucas." -Astrometrics.
Alexandria DeBerry as: "Ensign Dalia Vorrok" (Uk'Zir) -Shuttle Pilot/ Transporter chief.
Jeremy Reiner as: "Lt. (j.g.) Evan Hawke." -Fighter Pilot.

Morgan Freeman as: "Admiral Gary Radcliffe". -Cheif of Star Fleet Engineering at GS1.
Sigourney Weaver as: "Fleet Admiral Amanda Headly".

Episode 1x01: "Strangers in a Strange Land". (In progress.)
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