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Re: Season FIVE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Yes, especially here in Germany, where there's (and always has been) a HUGE TNG market!

They are late with the season sets here, this time it's S5 even AFTER CHRISTMAS in 2014. WTF?! Why don't they take advantage of x-mas sales, if the set is ready?
I don't get it?!

And the single episode BDs (BOBW, Redemption) are released strangely only in some supermarkets without A-N-Y kind of promotion. NOTHING! Not even on the german Paramount/StarTrek-Homepage! Not a SINGLE word that they are out! One can't find ANY information on those, if you are not aware of Trekcore!

We fans ONLY knew they are out available at all, because some fans in nerd forums thankfully posted they spotted them coincidentally while buying their daily toilet paper!! HELLO ???!!
You can't even order them on Amazon or similar platforms!

Paramount here doesn't do ANYTHING to promote TNG on BD, it's as if they even were ashamed of it!


It's as if they DON'T WANT to sell TNG on BD here. For whatever reason.

That is really beyond stupid, and if sales figures are beyond expectations, it's no surprise, because it's beeing released COMPLETELY behind customers backs here!
I'm a HUGE fan of the show, and i have to research on foreign pages to catch information on this release. ??
And this just can't be coincidental, because NO label could be THAT stupid with marketing, sorry.

It's a pure SHAME!

And I really don't get it. ???

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