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It's kind of amusing that when Mr. Nimoy was discharged from the service in December, 1955, he tried to go back to his acting career but had trouble finding an agent; lots of agents said, "You're not handsome enough*."

A dozen years later, women would be throwing themselves at the guy, and Isaac Asimov would be writing "Mr. Spock Is Dreamy" in TV Guide.

I guess it takes elegantly pointed ears, gracefully upswept eyebrows, and stylish blue eyeshadow to bring out his latent beauty.

* As reported in These Are the Voyages by Marc Cushman, page 50.
Haha, thanks for linking that.

I dunno. I always thought Nimoy was good-looking even without the ears and the eyeshadow. I disagree with all those agents. But as for Spock, being smart does help a lot, I suppose.

But it's not like Kirk was dumb; he outsmarted all kinds of aliens and even robots and computers all the time.

I think some of it also goes back to the idea of Spock being emotionally unavailable and seemingly unattainable, also.
That last part is 100% it!

If Nimoy emoted every week as he did in Return to Tomorrow with the big smile and the broad style---nobody would have been throwing themselves at him. The stoicism/aloofness was what made women attracted to him--not his looks.
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