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Re: Highlander II unused ideas

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To be fair, the series was always presented as an alternate universe, rather than a direct continuation of the first movie.
As are ALL of the film sequels, aren't they? I don't believe any one of them is totally consistent with any other.
Sort of. Highlander II and Highlander: The Final Dimension were both treated as direct sequels to the first movie (with The Final Dimension ignoring Highlander II, for obvious reasons), with both acknowledging the fact that the Gathering happened, but neither has anything to do with the other.

In Highlander II, Connor was the last Immortal until General Katana sent two of his cronies to Earth, whose Quickenings rejuvenated Connor. In The Final Dimension, Connor believed he was the last Immortal until an archeological expedition unearthed Kane and his two henchmen, who were trapped in a cave-in that transpired during a Quickening. So technically they came up with explanations (albeit very stupid or lame ones) for why more Immortals showed up after Connor supposedly won the Prize in the first movie.

The last movie, Highlander: Endgame, exists in the same continuity as the TV series and is a continuation of that universe.
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Honestly, I always liked the series best. Perhaps I'm just weird, but I've always felt the original Highlander was kind of meh. Not a bad movie, by any means, but not the epic that some people feel it to be. YMMV.
I completely agree with you. I enjoy the first movie, but the series is what really got me into Highlander. I've always been more of a fan of Duncan MacLeod than Connor. The series could be pretty cheesy at times, but overall it was a lot of fun, and did a good job of exploring the concept of Immortals and the Game.
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