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Re: Arrow - Season 2

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I probably phrased that badly. I meant that you could take her out of the episodes, and the overall story would work just as well, if not better. You'd have to find something else for Roy to do, but just make Thea as the person who gets injured (maybe she was going to meet Roy or something and becomes a casualty) and you give Roy something to do with a better character. BC doesn't need a sidekick. She's interesting because of her identity, Sin adds nothing to the character.
A rather ironic statement considering Black Canary's history. She started out as a sidekick to Johnny Thunder. When she got her own strip she gained a sidekick in the form of Larry Lance. After the death of Lance she became Green Arrow's girlfriend/sidekick. Her most successful series was as part of the Birds of Prey team. In the new 52 she had a sidekick called Starling.

The name Sin makes no sense as a reference to a comic character that is almost nothing like the annoying TV version, with the only similarities being their gender and the color of their hair. Like I said, if Sin didn't annoy me and actually had a point, I could ignore that, but Sin being super annoying and pointless makes her name an issue.
You seem to be the only one who finds her annoying and sees her as pointless.

As for why I find her annoying, what else can I say? She is a complete waste of screen time, her "role" is completely unneeded and its not helped by having a fairly mediocre actress playing her, not to mention the fact that for what she is she's not written well. Every time she was on screen, it felt like the TV show was wasting my time and I just want to see her viciously killed off as soon as possible. The show has enough interesting characters that the annoying punk/street urchin cliche is just wasting screen time. She's also nothing like Roy. Roy has a personality that isn't grating, and he has had character growth. He also has real motives and feels like a real character, not a cliche.
She' really hasn't been in enough scenes to be annoying to the degree you claim. As for being unneeded, I would disagree. Like Digg and Felicity, Sin serves as a sounding board. BC can unload on her and use her as an exposition "dump". Her friendship with Roy and Thea probably has purpose was well. Not seeing the bad acting or writing. She's no worse than any other actor on the show. Her dialog doesn't seem any worse either. Examples? What makes her "grating". Again, examples. Just repeating she's a "punk/street urchin cliche" does little to shed any light on your opinion. Roy's been in the show for a while and has had time to develop. When he first showed up he wasn't all that different than Sin.
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