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Re: 'All Our Yesterdays' theory

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Then there's Zor Kahn, the tyrant of whom Spock "learned about from reading library records" when he did no such thing. And why send Zarabeth back in time as punishment for "choosing her kinsman unwisely". Who hasn't done that at one time or another? Her crime is vague and seemingly minor, yet here she is painted as a kind of female Lokai or something. never diid get that.
I think she's trying to make a joke. Very few of us get to choose our relatives.

SPOCK: . . .Zarabeth, you said that you were brought here as a prisoner. May I ask--
ZARABETH: Why? My crime was in choosing my kinsmen unwisely. Two of them were involved in a conspiracy to kill Zor Kahn.
SPOCK: I remember that name from the history tapes in the library. Zor Kahn the Tyrant.
ZARABETH: It was not enough that he execute my kinsmen. Zor Kahn determined to destroy our entire family. He used the atavachron to send us places no one could ever find us.
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