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Re: 'All Our Yesterdays' theory

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so we know that he has some telepathic awareness of other Vulcans at a distance under some circumstances.
Here's a fascinating thought: What if the seed of change in Vulcan history was due to all those other Vulcans picking up on Spock?
Wow. That's quite an idea!

I guess it would depend on how many Vulcans there were 5000 years ago. I wouldn't think that a single mind would have much impact if there were millions or hundreds of thousands or even just thousands of Vulcans. It seems as if there'd have to be quite a small number of living Vulcans for a single mind -- even Spock's magnificent mind -- to make that much difference.

And of course, there's the whole but-that-would-be-circular argument.

In spite of the fact that it seems unlikely to me, it's a really cool idea, though! Thanks for suggesting it.
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