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Re: 'All Our Yesterdays' theory

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To catch stragglers, of course. That seems sufficient reason. If waiting a month (or whatnot) past the ``drop dead'' date saves a dozen more souls it doesn't require an extraordinary devotion to duty to wait at his post, especially when he has no reason to think he won't have the rest of his family's life to enjoy when he's done.
Hmm, seems Atoz' dedication is the only part of my theory that holds up!

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Zarabeth claims that Zor Kahn did not want it said he had her killed. Why this should be an important point to Zor Kahn is unclear, but then, we do not know Zor Kahn's precise personality, nor the circumstances of Zarabeth's family attempting to kill him, nor what political pressures were on Kahn or were protecting Zarabeth. It's hardly unknown for a leader to look for a humane, or a method that can be called humane, way of ridding himself of a troublesome person or a party that could be rallied around.
I see what you're saying: so that he wouldn't create a martyr.

Your point about Spock looking at the tapes escaped me. One thing I must do in the future is watch the episodes to verify details like that. In this case, I mostly listened to it. You'd think that after forty years such details would be burned into my retinas, but apparently not!

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so we know that he has some telepathic awareness of other Vulcans at a distance under some circumstances.
Here's a fascinating thought: What if the seed of change in Vulcan history was due to all those other Vulcans picking up on Spock?
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