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Re: Did the Xindi all evolve on 1 planet?

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I'd say it's not realistic. I was peeved when Phlox said the replitian and primate as closely related as we are to the neanderthals. We look very similar to the neanderthals...
The Reptilian Xindi looks an awful lot like the Primate Xindi. The skin's different and there's some minor anatomy changes, but, heck, black wolves and bichons frise are the same species, and they barely share much in appearance besides ``quadruped animal''.
No. They don't. Not even similar enough to be in the same genus. You mentioned those "minor anatomy changes". They shouldn't all occur within the same genus.

If you shaved both wolves and Bichons, they'd look a lot alike. Bichons are just morbidly inbred dwarf wolves with genes that encourage wooly white hair and floppy ears. Floppy ears are often found in domesticated animals.
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