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Re: American Horror Story - Coven

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So Spaulding is going to Weekend at Bernie's with Madison's dead body...creee-py! Spaulding is creepy though. I thought for sure Fiona cut his tongue out but he did it himself so he wouldn't unwillingly (through Myrtle's magic truth telling spell) reveal that Fiona had murdered the Supreme. He's obviously in love with her.
Yeah, I didn't expect Spalding to be quite so creepy when we finally learned about him. I'm curious if he's going to do more than just leave her sitting there.

Myrtle while essentially correct about Fiona is such an unlikable little self righteous bitch that I can't help rooting that bad things happen to her.
Yeah, I didn't like Myrtle either. She was right, but she was such a bitch about it, and I've gotten attached enough to Fiona that I can't help root for Fiona.
Voodoo Zombies...YEAH!
This should be good.
What did the Minotaur do to Queenie? Rip her vagina up? Ugh...glad Fiona tore (or cut?) his head off.
I wasn't sure either, I thought maybe it just gored her.
What is up with Cordelia's husband Hank? I think there's more than him being an adulterer and murderer but I've no idea what.
That was definitely unexpected. I'm curious if it has something to do with the witches and magic, or it's a completely separate thing.

So FrankenKyle is out loose? That won't end well.
Yeah, he's definitely not someone you want wandering around out in the open.
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