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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Hello everyone. I'm here for a week, already have some posts, and I liked your community very much, so I decided to post here.
As some of you could notice from my posts, I'm from Яussia (I bet you didn't have Russians on board before ).
*Note: My knowledge of English is not bad. Still, there are possible punctual/syntactic mistakes, wrong prepositions, or using wrong words, which I apologise for.

I'm a student in a Moscow Aviation Institute, on a second (of five) year of study, with a future speciality of 'spacecraft designing, producing and operation'. Although it is not necessarily means I will be the real space engineer, but I sincerely hope that I will be working on 'operation' part when I finish studiyng, which is quiet possible - many of Soviet/Russian cosmonauts graduated from our university.
A little offtop: I was surprised to know that in Starfleet Academy dormitories they use hinged doors instead of typical futuristic sliding doors, LOL (TNG S05E19 if you are interested). I've noticed that because I live in dormitories myself.

I must note that I started to be interested in Star Trek after I enrolled to university, so I can't say that 'Star Trek defined my destiny' or something like that. What I knew about Trek before actually meeting with a franchise, was 'greeting of Spock' and the design of Federation starships, which most of the people heard about. At the first time, I watched 2009 movie on TV and, frankly, it didn't impress me very much. Two years ago, a new friend of mine persuaded me to watch TOS and guess what happened next
I'm currently on Season 6 of TNG and keep going.

Also, someone was interested in the nature of my nickname. No, it's not my real name/surname, it is the character name from Soviet sci-fi animation movie (I expected to use him as my avatar but found that I cannot upload an avatar until 50 posts or something).
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