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Inappropriate in what way? A street kid takes the name "Sin"? Shocking!!!!!!
Inappropriate in the same way that introducing a 80 year old woman, making her a geriatric, elderly assassin and calling her Lady Shiva would be. By inappropriate, I'm talking about pointlessly using a name from the comics in a way that makes absolutely no sense, even more so than the stupid version of Count verttigo.
If that's true, every character on the show is inappropriate to some degree. As is every character in Smallville and just about every TV or film adaptation of a comic book ever made.

Where is your outrage over Roy Harper, Dinah Laurel Lance, Sebastian Blood, Felicity Smoake and even Oliver Queen all of whom have strayed from who they are in the comics? Why is making Sin a teenager a bigger sin that what was done to these characters?
If the character is written well and interesting, I can ignore how much they match their comic counterpart. Slade gets a pass for not being an assassin who was subjected to experiments that enabled him to use 90% of his brain because the Arrow version is interesting and well done. Ollie himself is also very interesting and entertaining, so it doesn't matter that he's not very similar to the classic GA I'm used to. On the other hand, Vertigo is lame and not anywhere near as interesting as his comic form. In fact he has nothing in common with Count Vertigo outside of his name, but thats not the reason he sucks. He sucks because he was poorly written and annoying.

Sin is obviously more influenced by the comics than vertigo or Felicity, because she's atleast semi-connected to a character called Black Canary in the show. But, she's an annoying generic punk/street urchin who could not exist and the lack of the character would only improve the show, which makes her name not matching more of an issue, and something I actively dislike. If done well, I don't mind characters that steal names that really make no sense for them, and Sin could have been interesting. If she was less annoying, and actually had a bit more of a point/back story, I probably wouldn't care about her having the name.

As for Felicity, I don't have any personal experience to compare her to the comic version. The comic character is so obscure that wikipedia only mentions her in the article for the TV show. Apparently, according to, she was Ronnie Raymond's step mother who used to get into arguments with Firestorm (and even sued him, apparently) before she became his stepmother and found out his identity).

She's such a minor character in the comics that they probably just grabbed her name while browsing through DC character names that sounded good. She's a good character on Arrow, so while I would have preferred a random name (why even bother using a comic name, especially one 99% of people, even comic fans, won't recognise? Especially if the character has absolutely no connection to the comic version) it doesn't really bother me at all for her to have a name from a character that is nothing like her. I think its a bit bizarre, but not something I really think about.
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