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Re: Assassins Creed IV

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I'm only a few hours into the game, but I have zero interest in the sailing segments. Am I the only one like this? It feels like Zelda Windwaker all over again. Actually, I think I enjoyed the sailing in Windwaker more...
I don't mind the sailing so much, but I was never as impressed with it as some people seemed to be in the last game.

I will say that I am enjoying this one a lot more than AC3. The previous game had so much exposition that really slowed things down, and it didn't help that I genuinely didn't care about Connor. He just came across as a whiney brat, and it's hard to feel sympathetic for a character like that.

I'm a few hours into Black Flag, and I still don't know much about this new Edward guy. He's obviously the grandfather or great-grandfather of Connor, so I'm kind of interested to learn how he is going to fit into the greater story.
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