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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

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The technology is still 100 years behind the Enterprise E. No matter how you cut it Lets see a 1985 frigate take on 1885 warship...that warship aint gonna touch the frigate nd the warship aint gonn know what it them.....hell a 1985 freighter would waste a 1885 warship...just ram the damn thing.
It's an unfair comparison, because real-life technology has advanced infinitely more in a hundred years than Star Trek's tech has in the 225 years of on-screen canon. The NX-01 went to warp 5, Voyager goes to warp 9.975. One has holodecks, the other hasn't. What else?
Unless I'm misremembering the technological development, a warship from 1785 would do a pretty fair job trashing a warship from 1685 too.
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