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Re: Poll: Which doctor would you want to work on you?

My choice would be among Pulaski, Bashir, Crusher and The Doc because they all represent 24 century medicine up to date. Bones may be still alive at the time but let’s face it, he can be at you bedside today and in his grave the next!

Based on the DS9 series and the most recent Star Trek book The Fall : Ceremony of Losses, I would pick Bashir over Crusher and Pulaski because you’ll know Bashir will do, go and give EVERYTHING to find a cure for you.

I would eliminate The Doc because I would like a doctor who not only understands my illness but also what I’m going through as a human being. But if Bones were to die that day he may be the only doctor on call because every doctor on the galaxy would probably attend McCoy’s funeral!!
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