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Re: Casual Artwork Thread

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Don't sweat it, just be patient and let your skills evolve and expand with time. I've been drawing, sketching and doodling since I was old enough to hold a crayon and scribble on a flat surface. As I approach the age of 40 and after several decades plus some of drawing I've learned that the journey never ends. There's always some new thing to try or technique to work on and attempt to refine.

Art is a neverending journey with no real finish line or endgame other than just deciding that one isn't going to bother practicing their art skills any longer. What you consider off-kilter right now might look great to others and even vice versa.

Art is largely subjective and relative, and as long as I'm generally satisfied and somebody else finds pleasure in what I create with my own hand then those are the most important things. Above all else, have fun or else it's not worth it.
True words indeed. Well put. Especially the part about how people sometimes undervalue the impact their work can have on others!

I used to paint murals and in public view like that, there was a constant parade of passers by who would stop to watch for a bit, and sometimes offer a comment. The ones with frowns never took the brush I offered them. Not once!

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