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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Besides, they're NOT going to "spoil" anything, or else they'd fear no one would go see the damn movies.
That's true. The thing that's worth remembering is that writers often have to try to balance the needs of two different audiences at once -- e.g. people who are familiar with the comics and people who aren't, or people who are fans of the MCU and people who are new to it, or in this case people who've already seen Thor 2 and those who haven't. You never want to cater just to one group in a way that alienates the other; a basic part of the business is finding a balance that will work for both groups. So any Easter-egg allusions they make to the movie will be designed not to spoil too much for those who haven't seen it yet.

After all, as several people in the thread have acknowledged, one of the functions of the show is to help promote the Marvel movies. So this episode is probably going to be aimed more at people who haven't seen the movie yet than at people who have. It's going to be about whetting their appetites to see the movie, not ruining the experience for them. Anything it gives away about the movie will be more a teaser than a spoiler.

Me, I'm going to see the movie sometime before the episode airs on the 19th. But that's not because I'm afraid of being spoiled; it's just because I want to experience events in chronological order.
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