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Re: Regarding Fan Films set in the Abramsverse

This thread should be used in every discussion of eyewitness testimony in the country. Wow. This wasn't even a quick, high adrenaline event, it was a corporate meeting, and folks can't agree on what happened.

It should also serve as the value of PUTTING AGREEMENTS IN WRITING. It really shows how people can hear things differently. Think you've an agreement to do almost anything involving time and money to be put out in the future? PUT IT IN WRITING AND AGREE ON THE TERMS. I am not going to back-reference some of the fights in this community in recent years, but here's the outcome: PUT IT IN WRITING.

We should all be glad we live in the age of 1001 cameras recording everywhere. I'm confident there will be many fewer innocent people convicted.

And no, I am not saying if James or Patty heard what they thought they heard... or even if something entirely different was stated. I have not a clue!
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