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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

Well I'm happy that at least the whole Extremis thing wasn't just swept under the rug when Killian was killed. Which helps to make the whole MCU feel like a more cohesive set of movies and tv shows. While I'd like to see more super human response, I'm patient, it'll happen and since they can't really use 'mutants' or 'magic' per se, they have to rely on the more scientific and technologic explanations the previous movies have set up.

So once Centipede or whatever starts releasing super beings creating stuff out there, then I imagine we'll start seeing more super heroes that Marvel has rights to. I'm just looking at all this as the set up for a world full of super powered good guys and bad guys. The genie is coming out of its bottle. Just a matter of time.
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