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Re: Rugby Union 2013 Thread

That was a pretty average game with England winning 20-13. Australia looked in the box seat and then a absolutely inexcusable touchie howler, England goes just about the length of the field to score to tie up the game 13 a piece. I know I really shouldn't be surprised by what happened next: the Wallabies lost the plot. A few minutes later England benefit from what should have been an obstruction to get 7 ahead and that's the game.

Now, at this point it would be so easy to just blame the refs, I definitely had some choice words at the TV while watching. However, the refs aren't the ones not performing at scrum time, or at the breakdown or throwing silly passes. The Wallabies had 15 minutes to close down England and they should have, but this is still not a team that really knows how to graft out a win when things get bit tough. The English commentators said what has been said several times this year, "winning is a habit and the Wallabies are in the habit of losing."

Genia's performance wasn't great, reminded me of 2010. He was great against the ABs, and then in the next match against England he was off. While I like to point out how often Cooper throws an intercept, Genia and his box kicks are a nightmare this year. He gotit charged down (for the millionth time this year) on the Wallabies try line and England scored. If Ewen sticks to what he has done so far Genia won't be starting next week against Italy.

The forwards were bleh. Fardy again looked good, but he was stretched off just before the try that evened up the game. The only other forward that stood out as having an impact was Douglas when he came on. He really ripped in, which is good to see. Timani was a bit missing, so maybe Douglas getting a start wouldn't be a bad thing either. I must have a Hooper blindspot. The guy won the John Eales medal but I swear he hasn't done much apart from a break in the Lion's game. I'd throw Gill in, especially if Fardy's injury is worse than a slight concussion. We need someone to work over the ball. Oh, and get Polota-Nau in quickly. Moore could probably do with a rest on the bench, I'd also say Mowen too if he hadn't just been made captain. A revolving door of leadership is not going to that would mean Cooper would be captain and I'm not ready for that.

Overall, disappointed (plus tired and slightly drunk) in the outcome and the performance, particularly in the second half. Given how this year has panned out might have to start crossing body parts to hope they get 2 wins out of this tour. Stupid sport, making me care about things...

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