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Re: Most interesting casting choice

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I didn't care for Capaldi's character in the Torchwood episode at all...
Wow, I thought he was utterly brilliant and stole the miniseries.

Freema Agyeman's previous character was explained as being her cousin. Yeah, a bit of a cop out but at least they addressed it instead of completely ignoring it.
Well, that was partly because there was virtually no interval between her appearances in the two different roles, aside from the gap between seasons. They did a similar thing when Lalla Ward, who had just appeared as Princess Astra in the season-ending "The Armageddon Factor," was cast as the regenerated Romana in the next season's premiere: it was explained that Romana modeled her regeneration on Astra. But usually there's no attempt to explain it away, for instance, Jeremy Sisto in Law and Order or Lucy Lawless in Hercules (although when they brought back Lawless's first character after she'd been established as Xena, they did mention the resemblance in passing).

Back to Trek - as others have mentioned, Mark Lenard's role as the Romulan Commander and also Spock's father really had me confused. I initially wondered what the heck Spock's father was doing on the Romulan ship and the fact that Spock and the rest of the crew showed surprise when seeing him only reinforced my misunderstanding. Why choose the same actor, put him in the same makeup (Romulans looked just like Vulcans) and have both characters in a strong role was a strange choice in my opinion.
I assume you've since learned that "Balance of Terror" was made nearly a year before "Journey to Babel." And I'd expect the reason they cast him as Sarek was because he'd worked well as a Vulcanlike character before. Recall that Lawrence Montaigne also played both a Romulan (Decius) and a Vulcan (Stonn) even before Lenard was cast as Sarek. And there are other Trek actors who've played multiple characters of the same species: Armin Shimerman and Max Grodenchik had each played two previous Ferengi before getting cast as Quark and Rom, and other actors to play more than one Ferengi included Frank Corsentino and Lee Arenberg. Marc Alaimo played Gul Macet before he was Gul Dukat. Vaughn Armstrong's many roles include three Klingons and two Cardassians, and J.G. Hertzler played two different Klingons, DS9's Martok and ENT's Kolos. (I'm not counting Michael Dorn playing Worf's namesake ancestor.)
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