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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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And there you have it what everyone expected.. Shield is also a marketing tool for the main movies. Who is shocked and surprised?
I don't think anyone has ever claimed that it would never tie into the films. Obviously what defines the MCU is its interconnectivity. The only thing I objected to was a claim that without the film promotion, the show would have no "point." I felt that was an oversimplification -- that, while it was obvious and axiomatic that the show would tie into the films, that didn't mean it was the only reason the show existed. As you say, the stories need to have merit on their own rather than existing exclusively as promotions.

It feels a bit redundant as people who watch Shield are highly likely to see the movies too...
Except that "people" are not a monolithic mass. A nationwide TV audience is a diverse thing. Yes, naturally the show is aimed at the people who are fans of the movies, but it's also aimed at bringing in a larger audience beyond that, people who are mainly TV viewers and haven't been interested in the movies, but who might be drawn into the MCU by the show -- say, people who like procedurals, or who watch their ABC affiliate's 7:30 programming and are too lazy to change the channel, or who are drawn in because they want to look at the extremely pretty people. It's a given that parts of a franchise in different media are going to attract different audiences; that's the whole point of doing them, so that you can expand the total reach of your franchise.
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