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Re: TNG Caption This! 331: Spooky!


Skullface: Ooooooh look at me! I'm so scaaaary! Woooooo!
K'Ehleyr: (thinking) Just ignore him and he'll go away... Do NOT punch him... that will only encourage him...

Crusher: What's with the lighting, guys, this isn't freaking TOS!

Picard: What the hell are you going in my quarters!?
Gold ghost: Picard, we've come to haunt you...
Picard: Oh I see, very funny, it's Halloween is it? Godamn it I thought these traditions had died out centuries ago
Blue ghost: What? No we-
Picard: OK, OK, good costumes I'll get you some candy just wait here
Gold ghost: Captain, we're really ghosts!
Picard: Yes, yes, spooky, now have some candy and be on your way

Riker: I'm looking at the scripts now, Worf! TNG does NOT have a Halloween episode!
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