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Re: Things people often say you find amusing...

^^ Why make life unnecessarily harder? There are enough challenges to be found without playing around with elevators.

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A number of years ago, there was a story in Analog where the question raised was whether or not a genetically engineered pig was kosher. The animal had been modified to chew its cud-- the reason was that it increased the nutritional value of the meat or would somehow increase the food supply, I forget the details. It was an interesting example of how science and technology can upend social assumptions.
Which leads to bizarre (to many Jews and non-Jews alike) cheats or work-arounds like the Shabbat elevator.
Wow. Reading stuff like that just makes me even happier to be an atheist; it's just so much easier.
That's pretty amazing. It mentions that they use them in Jewish hospitals-- I wonder if anyone has ever died because it takes five times longer to get to the OR on the Shabbat.
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