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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I read "One Small Step" by Susan Wright (ST:GW #1) and then started "Chain Mail" by Diane Carey (ST:GW #2). I have three observations:
1. I may need to read the "New Earth" series first.
2. I got about 20% of the way through "Chain Mail" when I realized that the starship Challenger is named after a real world exemplar. Perhaps I am plain un-American or perhaps I had trained myself out of recalling the connection.
3. I noticed that Diane Carey has written in both series and may be doing some product promotion. This is okay and I purchased three of the New Earth e-books and already have the other three as hardcopies. Likewise with Gateways books.

Do not know if I should stop reading Gateways and read New Earth first. If I can read both this year, then I shall have done the required 30 ST books for this year as well as the past two years. Still have Plato to read too.

I guess I should see "Ender's Game" sometime soon too. Continuing to gradually go through the "Enterprise" TV series.

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