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Re: Batman: Arkham 3

Beat the story mode which came quicker than I expected since I didn't fill all the slots I thought would be ticked by the end.

The game is a bit of a retread of course but still it's a solid and complete experience, it may not live up to the others but it's not like a half a game. I thought the evidence scanner was really cool, the batplane is badass, Copperhead is hot, all the bosses are top notch, even Gordon gets a moment of awesome. It starts off warm but picks up as the game progresses and by the end it was feeling like a real Arkham experience. It was fun to see not only Batman meet his biggest nemesis but seeing what meeting Batman meant to him as well.

I would like to get all the time back I spent trying to get into the vent in that Riddler tower before I went online to find that it was broken.

No wonder they need Batman, Gotham City has criminals on every single street!

And why can't anyone figure out if you're going to have an Adam West skin you have to have POW! and WHAMS! while you fight (maybe even some crazy sound FX and music)? That alone would've secured a day one DLC (or "Season Pass") purchase for me. And I think the press would've ate it up and brought a lot of visibility, oh well... And if you want to go off the deep end get Adam West to voice it.
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