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Re: It's that time again: Smartphone upgrade!

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^ So I take it you think the iPhone's OS is crap?
Yeah. I've used my girlfriend's iPhone 5 with the new iOS7 as well as the OS before that and found it limiting. I also know quite a few people who have gone from iphones to Android phones and they've all loved it. So, there's probably something there.

BTW, I already own a dedicated camera. I tend not to have it with me as much as I "should", though, sometimes because I forget it, and sometimes because I just don't want to carry one more thing. I'm not one of the women who carry those huge purses that you could live out of for a week. So I want another option. And one of the good things I read about the 5s and 5c is that they've increased the size of the pixels (compared to the 5).
I'm the same. I have a full dSLR kit which is about $15,000 all up. An expensive hobby. And while the iphone 5's camera does perform well, the disadvantages of the iOS system put me off it. Besides, do people tend to use their smartphone camera as their primary camera? When you go away on holidays, is your smartphone your main camera? I tend to use it just for quick snaps, and I'm sure most people would as well. Most smartphones are decent enough for this.
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