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Re: Will there be a new Star Trek movie?

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Nothing's been green-lighted. Too soon. But Orci and others are at least throwing around ideas for a story right now, aren't they?
I hope they are. And I also hope we get something more original this time.
Not so sure about that. The formula seems to work fine the way it is. Not that I'm complaining, but even though I like both Abramsverse films a lot, I would personally welcome some more depth for the next one. But just look at scifi / fantasy / superhero flicks that do really well at the box office, such as The Avengers. It is entertaining and cool, but the plot is ridiculous and it has zero originality, as well as the creative depth of a petri dish.
Eh, originality is overrated. Avenger's was brilliantly done.

And to answer the question, yes, there will most certainly be a new Star Trek movie.
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