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I feel like the main problem with both Trek 09 and STID is that they had good storyline ideas, but then no one went back to tighten up the nuts and bolts to make a good final product...
I think the same can be said for most Hollywood feature films today. A lot of them have gaping story problems and structural problems, because writing is considered a secondary element in the industry, and because the emphasis is more on visceral impact and spectacle and action than on plot logic or cohesiveness. A lot of what people blame Abrams and Bad Robot for is really, I think, endemic to feature-film culture as a whole. Bad Robot are just doing what they can within the constraints imposed by the studios and the financial backers.
Is this a function of Hollywood being filled to the cup rim with mediocre writers who never had to go through the discipline of weekly television scriptwriting or is it a function of lazy Hollywood writers convinced that they'll be bailed out by the effects?

The loose ends and plot contrivances in both ST09 and STID made me want to vomit.
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