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Re: The Single Worst Line of Dialogue in the entire Star Trek Franchis

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TUVOK: I am picking up a vessel, Captain. It's Borg.

TUVOK: Captain. You must relieve me of duty, at once.
SEVEN: An assimilation virus has penetrated our defences!

CHAKOTAY: We're becoming drones!!!!

JANEWAY: Hard to starboard. Reinforce the shields!

KIM: Incoming fire! Doctor!

The Doctor:: Computer, activate the ECH.

COMPUTER: Acknowledged. Transferring all systems to your command. You have the Bridge.

The Doctor: Indeed. Shields to maximum. Photon torpedoes, full volley. Fire! Computer, report!
This is just awful dialogue, the acting everything..
Oh wait, this was the Doctor's's still awful
Nah, that's one thing I liked about Voyager. From time to time they just didn't take themselves that seriously.

The ECH episodes were FUN!
It would have been hilarious if they just started episode off like that, without any explanation until later.

It's still corny, even for Voyager.

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As much I hated it, it was alright to see that as a fantasy. But they crossed a line with me when they decided to actually make him an ECH. Couldn't we have a throw away line about him having to learn about command like anyone else. At least we would've been spared other dreck like "An Emergency Command Hologram outranks an Ensign!"
OMG, after reading this, here's a new nomination for worse line then:

The Doctor: An Emergency Command Hologram programmed with over two million tactical subroutines outranks an ensign.
The whole point of an ECH is to be activated only when the command structure breaks down right?

So now a qualified ensign has to take a back seat to a hologram now. A hologram that fantasizes about giving orders...
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