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Re: Regarding Fan Films set in the Abramsverse

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Patty is in Error. There is no such ban form CBS or anyone regarding the Abrams stuff. I think everyone just assumed that because those films were the" it thing" right now not to do something with them, when in reality there is no ban on doing a fan film set in that universe! The only BAN is on making money and you can bet the hammer will fall on the crowd funding stuff very soon. I think J.J. and Bob Orci and those guys would be flattered if someone paid tribute to their stuff! They are very cool guys. I have spoken to CBS legal about several different issues over the years and they have always been very helpful in what to do and what not to do. I am sure they don't draw a distinction between which eras of Trek to do a fan film about!
James Cawley
uh...what? Mallory told us years ago that they would consider it direct competition. And you, yourself, told Star Trek Origins of that so they changed their plans on using the JJverse.

Did they change the rule since then?
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