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Re: Caption Contest 115: Voyager Problems

Chakotay: You know when I was blowing things up, I'd use these things called timers. Then we could've used the Array, gotten home and then blown it up.
Janeway: Oh.... oops.

Doctor: Introducing the singing hologram!
Person in Line: Is it fully functional?
Doctor: Programmed in multiple techniques.
Person in Line: I'll take ten!

Beltran: Now they're just screwing with us.
Phillips: Last time I ask for something out of the ordinary.

Kim: Are you trying to make me feel pathetic?
Q: Try? You can't even pick up hologirls that are -programmed- to find you interesting and attractive. You -are- pathetic, no effort required my boy. Now go get me another drink from that bar rodent.

Kes: What is that?
Doctor: Apparently tonight's dinner. The crew threatened to mutiny after the last round of food poisoning unless I certified everything safe to eat... fortunately for this appealing isn't the same as safe.
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