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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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The current volume of Daredevil ends with 36, but apparently the same creative team will be involved with a re-launch.
What a crock of shit.
"If the series is in fact coming to a close, it's likely due to a story-driven reason."
Sorry, not a reason. Comics existed for decades with story lines coming and going while the numbering survived.

I miss the days when a change in direction and/or creative meant just advertising the newness with in-house ads.

The days of a title, from either of the big two, getting to a number 50 now are few and far between.

I was waiting on TPB for DD anyway so I'm glad I wasn't vested in the monthly title thinking my monthly purchase would keep it going. Clearly Marvel doesn't care, they are going to relaunch again and again and again just to get the artificial sales bump from the suckers who still think #1 means "starting point". It really doesn't you fools and you aren't going to flip this #1 in 10 years for a downpayment on something. Just stop being suckers for #1's already.

*rant over, sorry*
I read somewhere that the new DD series gong to be digital only (digital first?).
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