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Re: Why doesn't T'Pau tell Kirk the fight is to the death?

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What's noteworthy is that Spock, although in heavy trance, urges T'Pau to explain the consequences of the ritual to Kirk and McCoy and still she doesn't.
I've always loved that part! Spock is supposed to be so out of it that he can't even talk -- as witness T'Pau's surprised "Thee speaks?" -- but he manages to break through the Plak Tow to ask T'Pau to forbid Kirk to participate. Diverting the ship to Vulcan in defiance of orders shows how important Spock is to Kirk; breaking through the plak tow to plead that he NOT be asked to fight Kirk shows how important Kirk is to Spock. It's a lovely moment.

And we owe that moment to Mr. Nimoy. According to his first autobiography, the original script for "Amok Time" didn't have Spock speaking while in plak tow, and Nimoy sent a memo to Roddenberry urging that Spock should feel torn by the idea of having to fight Kirk.

(If you read both of Mr. Nimoy's autobiographies, it turns out that a lot of our favorite Spock moments were Mr. Nimoy's doing; we owe a lot to his advocating for his character's consistency, alienness, intelligence, and inner life.)
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