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Re: Star Trek Redux

Well said. Having built furniture (though not sets) I've some idea of those costs, and how they can escalate.

Having a pilot in hand, I chose brief scenes for the above trailer with costs in mind. The Gorn? TOS stock on a view screen (likely a model). A short, close-in corridor sequence. Commodore Wesley on his bridge: modified stock (if that's possible). A hangar via miniature or CGI. Doable, I think…but due to being dated in its impact (we've seen lots of redone TOS era stuff since I wrote that), pointless to run with now. I've vague thoughts as to a story set on a shuttlecraft...

I'm thrilled to see you read scripts (what, no musicals?). I confess to having not heard of your show, but will be devoting some time to it soon. Thanks for the post!

David Winfrey
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