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Re: Weird Thing in "The Naked Time"

On first viewing, I assumed the suits were supposed to be full-fledged environmental isolation suits...and extraordinarily badly realized ones, at that.

But I've since come to believe that they are, in fact, merely cold weather gear. There is evidence in the episode to support this, and even, apparently, notation of such in the script, itself.

I think the producers erred in trying to make the suits so "futuristic." In a scene where the concept of contamination plays such a large role, it's easy to make the wrong assumption about the suits.

I think I would have designed something a lot more visually evocative of cold weather gear. Or, maybe I'd just have one the characters say, "Hey, Joe, better put that glove back on! That's a good way to get frostbite and lose a finger, buddy!"
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