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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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I'm sorry but you will never convince me that top prospects need to face two to three years of Triple A pitching before they are ready.
I was never talking about top prospects, which is the point you seem to be missing. You called AAA the place where veterans and fringe young players go to maybe get called up at some point, which is patently untrue. You're bringing up names like Longoria and Heyward, who clearly didn't need that time in the minors, but they are exceptions to the rule. There is a huge gap between "guys who are really, really good right off the bat" and "guys who will be lucky to see a major-league bench." Just because a few dudes rip up AA and show surprising aptitude at the major league level right away doesn't mean that everyone who doesn't is bordering on the scrap heap.
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