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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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So all that stuff about Spock being genuinely emotional about those closest to him in the last movie was all a lie? Didn't the last movie establish to both the audience AND Kirk that Spock does indeed have emotions and he does understand the concept of wanting to protect those closest to him? It sounds like you're praising these writers for purposefully forgetting important character moments for the sake of recycling them. But that's not surprising since ID recycles a lot of the last movie anyways.
Way to move the goal post!

So the writers either didn't give a payoff on the Spock scene, or they rehashed it. Which one is it? And don't give the lame excuse of "Well, they did it already in the last movie so it's no payoff!" crap. That wasn't what you have been arguing. You said they didn't give a payoff to the "What would Spock have done in your place" line at the beginning of the movie.

Which one is it?
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