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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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In that 8-9 years of suck, they also drafted:

Josh Hamilton
BJ Upton
Rocco Baldelli
Delmon Young
Jeff Neimann
Evan Longoria
David Price

There's others, and these were just first round picks, but plenty of these guys either helped out or were traded for parts that did. Not all generational talents.

And yes, it's the biggest crapshoot of all the major sports, but even if not every pick is a Harper, you can still get some pretty good picks.

Here's the #1 overall pick by year. Some flameouts, but most of these were at least decent players, and a few HOF guys in there.

That's just #1, not to say the #2 guy wasn't even better, or there wasn't a HOF player in the 40th round, just pointing out that if you're going to be bad, might as well suck. Otherwise, you're like the Mets, and stuck in the mediocrity hell. Not going anywhere, spending lots of money, but drafting low enough to not snag the top talent there either.
Exactly. By the way that list is interesting. Some of those names are eyebrow raising. Kris Benson was a number 1 draft pick? Jesus.
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