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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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For example, what was the narrative purpose of that moment where Kirk asks McCoy what Spock would do if Kirk was in Spock's position? McCoy said he'd leave Kirk to die as if to imply that Spock would under no circumstance violate any rule even if it meant saving the life of someone important. There is no moment in this film that pays off this exchange nor is there any moment where Spock himself violates any kind of rule to save Kirk in the end. It's a long drawn out moment that never pays off.
It does pay off all the way through the movie. It helps to define the differences in Kirk and Spock.

And despite trying to give Uhura a "purpose" in this film, why even bother having her attempt to be diplomatic with the Klingons when it all turns into an action scene anyways? Doesn't this do more to show how useless she is since Kirk's plan to "run out shooting" was what they ended up doing anyways? All that scene does is show that Uhura sucks at her job. But at least she can use a knife and fire a Klingon weapon!...
You complain when they don't give women anything to do, you complain when they do. Just because Uhura was unsuccessful negotiating with Klingons doesn't mean she sucks at her job.

And what was up with Kirk's "revenge is bad" speech in the end when every act of revenge helped ensure the characters got what they wanted? If none of these characters acted on revenge in any way, things would be much worse off. And this is the same guy who, after agreeing that he wouldn't outright kill Khan, still physically assaulted him even though he was unarmed and had already accepted his surrender.
Because Kirk is still learning. One of the things I love about TOS as opposed to the Modern Trek series, is that Kirk is a flawed individual but someone who can learn from his mistakes. See: Arena, The Devil in the Dark

I'm really starting to run out of energy for this non-sense. It's tiresome to watch people try to misrepresent a movie they dislike.
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