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Re: Most interesting casting choice

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^I recall that somebody (Harvey?) actually posted the de Forrest notes about the inaccuracies in "Space Seed" somewhere on this BBS just a month or two ago. Too bad the producers ignored them.

Page 13, Scene 27

A Sikh probably. A 'Sikh' is a member of the Sikh religion, not a racial type, any more than a Roman Catholic is a racial type. They are distinguish-able physically only because one of the tenets of their religion is that men do not shave or cut their hair.

Page 38, Scene 59:

Sibahl Khan Noonien This name is not Sikh or Indian in form. 'Khan' is a Mongol title which has found its way into some Muslim names in India and Pakistan. For proper name suggest: Govind Bahadur Singh. All Sikhs use the name Singh after their own sir name.
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