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Re: I really Like "Carbon Creek"

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I love Carbon Creek. Mestral is a fantastic character and I think we need a "Eugenics Wars" style novel about his life on earth and through history. The acting is excellent, the sets too.. I still crack up at the Moe joke. One of the best of Enterprise.
For Mestral fans you might want to read Dayton Ward's Tos novel From History's Shadow .Mestral is in this and I think Enterprise and Tos fans will definitely like this book.I won't spoil this story but if you enjoy the early history of NASA about the Space race with the rusiians and the Apollo missions this book is really good. Carbon Creek is one of my favorite Enterprise episodes. I liked how T'Pol told story to Archer&Trip story how T'Mir and Mestral ended up in Carbon Creek.
WOW, this I did not know!!

I've been out of Treklit for some time.

Is Mestral a passing bit of color or a big part of the story?
Somewhere in between. Definitely a great read, I recommend it.
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