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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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* Most of the Trek movies over the years have been action movies to lesser and greater degrees. Only TMP and TVH don't really fit that mold.
Yeah, and TMP and TVH are two of the most successful Star Trek movies in the whole line up.
* And yet a lot of fans bitch that TMP is the "Slow Motion Picture". That's bloated and boring, and nothing happens.

* TVH is "Time After Time" with the serial numbers filed off. The "Fish out of water time traveler" story, with Star Trek tropes and characters pasted over.

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As for showing off women as sex objects:
By treating women like this, are we honoring Star Trek as a franchise, or honoring the mind set of the male demographic from the 60's era television? Because if using the 60's mindset is the best way to bring Star Trek back, you might as well bring back the obvious sexism as well.
That's the thing for all the cries about sexism in the new movies: do we really see it?

We see competent, professional, women who are comfortable with their bodies, who don't fall for Kirk's pick up lines. These aren't you nurse Chapels or Yeoman Rands. These are women that know their jobs, can hold their old against any man on the ship, and don't take bullshit.

I don't think nudity and / or skippy costumes automatically equal sexism. I think you have to take in the whole character and account for the total package.

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On the other hand I will agree slightly on Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof being at fault for that scene.

Bald Caitians, still not happy about that.

*eye twitch*
Hey now...

Maybe Kirk is a man that likes shaved...uh "Caitians". Not every guy likes a fury Caitian.
Sustaining a brazilian to over 80% of your body would be time consuming at least
Transporter tech or maybe Schick offers a line of ladies phaser-razors (say that 5x fast)

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Twisted sex scenes?!

Why is Kirk having sex with two cat women at the same time. Orci and his friends writes Kirk as an 18 years old college frat boy freshman who loves to experiment with sex because its fun.

Kirk is more of a horn dog. There is a fine line between been a ladies man and been a horn dog. A perfect example is how Nolan and his writer brother David Nolan wrote Bruce Wayne in their Barman film series.

Am sorry but the year is almost over. I can't defend STID anymore. the film was good but it was just a missed opportunity overall.
Look I sort of agree with you but it as only for 10 seconds screen time. In fact I forgot there was a sex scene in the movie at all.
I as more offended by Kirk leering at Marcus in her underwear. But again it was only about 5 seconds screen time.
The scene didn't bother so much for that. It being there doesn't even bother me: basic walk and talk scene. What bugged me was setting it on the shuttle. A locker room or her quarters would have made more sense to me. Still, it's not a terrible scene.
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