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Re: Star Trek Redux

Trekkist, we seem to be a bit alike. I am a writer and not a filmmaker. I was never drawn to it. It seems like you need to find a filmmaker who is in need of a script, and actors in need of a project. I agree with Maurice that filming a trailer won't help much. Proving you can produce a single scene or a few scenes, and produce them well, is much more valuable since it proves you can get it done.

It's hard since the skill sets involved (camera, lighting, costumes, make-up, sets, CGI, audio quality, sound effects, music, editing) can't usually be found in a very small group of people. But if you have talented friends with some contacts it can be done.

You are sort of raising the question "what does it take to get on people's radar?" I'm been watching Kickstarter videos trying to determine what makes some succeed and others fail. Seemingly promising projects like Nobility or David Gerrold's project fail to gain traction, while a documentary about a failing town in Missouri (Rich Hill) hits their funding goal. I've learned a few things from that process, but it's still mostly a mystery to me.
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