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Re: Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

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Orci and his friends are male fan writers so it is only logical that their writing in film lacks depth
Uh, what?!
When I say the film lacks depth. I am talking of story. I was watching Django Unchained yesterday and I was so amazed that the film was so story driven.

In Django Unchained every moment in the film had a story to tell. that is the depth.

In TNG, I still get chills watching Picard, Worf, Riker,
Dr. Crusher, Geordi, Deanna and Data all sitting together in the commanding room giving their opinions on things or what the next step there is to take.

STiD had neither of this things I mentioned. That character interaction that has been the core of Trek was missing in STID because of how fast paced and action packed the film was.

It is not Abram's fault. It is the writing that is the problem. Now that Abram's is co writing Star Wars, I am eager to see how the story of the film will turn out.
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