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Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof should not Return.

I wish this guys don't return for the third film. No offence, I am not saying they are awful but they don't just work for a franchise like Star Trek. Orci and his friends are male fan writers so it is only logical that their writing in film lacks depth, substance and is filled with too much explosions, twisted sex scenes, unnecessary nudity and all the shallowness there is with little story.

They also care too much about showing off a woman's hotness and using her as a sex object than writing her as a strong formidable woman.

Star Trek films should have a very deep story with a lot of philosophical and intellectual influences. Star Trek has never falling into the mindless summer action flicks that no one will remember again once the summer is over talk less of before the year is over.

Orci and his friends are more suited for the popcorn action flicks with all the cars and the girls like Transformers and Fast and the Furious. They just don't fit Star Trek.

I advice Paramount to get real credible and intelligent science fiction writers like Micko Kaku or Neil deGrasse Tyson to at least write the story for Star Trek and then get an Oscar winning or nominated indie screen writer or a screen writers with a large body of work that has been met with high critical acclaim to write the script for the next film.

I have been so torn with how I feel about Into Darkness but now that the year is almost over, I can now say the film was a missed opportunity and the fault is with story.

I don't except Paramount to listen to many fans. All they care about is making money and the only way to make money is to have explosions explosions and explosions with really hot girls that do nothing.

Its sad especially with Gravity out. Gravity was a beautiful and well in depth sci-fi film that will be remembered for a long time. It is what Star Trek Into Darkness should have been.
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