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Re: Why doesn't T'Pau tell Kirk the fight is to the death?

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
The fact that T'Pau had rejected a council seat tells me that she feels extremely uncomfortable among non-Vulcans.
The circustance around T'Pau's turning down of the seat on the federation council has always been a curiosity.

Who exactly was offering it to her in the first place?

One possibility I've considered is that the federation council is separate from the (hypothetical) federation membership's general assembly, it's a smaller body somewhat like the UN security council. T'Pau was already the Vulcan representative to the general assembly and was offer a open seat on the smaller council. As a founding member of the federation, the Vulcan representative being offered a seat on the council might have been a given.

She turned it down (for whatever reason), remaining in the general assembly.

I've alway had a bit of a problem with the idea that she was first selected by Vulcan for a seat on the council, and then turned it down. Some fans have favored this, but would not she have refused when she was first considered?

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