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Re: Crazily shaped assignment patches

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Why can't we therefore conclude that WNMHGB thus takes place in a different universe?
Based upon what please?
You seem not to have realized that the question you're responding to there was meant to be only rhetorical. Of course WNMHGB is not "really" in a different universe.
One that I'm fond of is it's a play on an old joke between them, R is for "Romeo."

Mitchell retained enough of his Humanity to place this old joke on James "Romeo" Kirk's grave.
Well, that's as much of retcon as any other retcon, but I'll award it massive points, for originality, cleverness, and squaring the circle of keeping what's on screen intact. Sure, James "Romeo" Kirk it is!

As for the rest, I've stated my position now several times, and I'm not going 'round and 'round again on that.
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